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Jemma Lowe

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Inspiring Others Changing Lives

Jemma has run swim clinics, given motivational talks and has visited many schools since 2008, to inspire young people. Jemma was a Young Sporting Ambassador for Hartlepool in 2006 and she is now part of the Swimpath team that aims to help young swimmers develop and enjoy their sport.

Jemma supported the promotion of Hartlepool Hospice and also volunteered at Bristol Zoo in 2105  for 6 months as a tour guide for the visitors. Jemma is also part of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and has worked with people who experienced disadvantage upbringings and she also loves any opportunity she has to give back to her sport


"Jemma was a fantastic addition to the event in helping inspire our Young Leaders. They loved hearing a story from a top class athlete, as to how volunteering has had such an impact on their journey." Hannah Davis, Wesport School Games


Jemma has been a world class swimmer for over 11 years competing at world and Olympic level, reaching the finals in the 2008 & 2012 Olympics in Butterfly events. She has developed a natural talent for perfectionism within her sport as well as being a conscientious, independent and goal orientated person. Jemma has become a role model for many younger swimmers and enjoys being an ambassador for the sport.Balancing her academic work and studies has brought her a number of skills and experiences not typical of young people her age. Jemma uses her time wisely and is used to getting full value from her day. 

Competing at many world events and at numerous training camps around the globe has also exposed her to a vast range of cultures, economies and climates. In addition to the skills associated with swimming in these varied settings, she has learned to cope with the adversity associated with, setbacks, injury, the frustration of travel delays and the humility that comes from feeling fortunate to have such opportunity. Jemma is a very rounded and grounded individual.

Whilst swimming internationally has exposed Jemma to, and taught her, a lot, opportunities closer to home have also given Jemma an insight into applied matters. A placement in the Dixons Stores Group has demonstrated how practical application of her maths skills would be useful in the retail world as she became involved in calculations of profits per linear meter of products sold and was complimented on the speed and accuracy of her work which demonstrated her ability to adjust to different environments and work under pressure.

Jemma has been involved in the Gifted and Talented programme as well as a number of University Open Days. She also enjoys the felling and benefit of being increasingly able to apply her new-found skills to sports science statistics that is needed to interpret with regard to her swimming.Studying at University has given Jemma many transferable skills that she can apply to all aspects of her life.

She has previously enjoyed an ambassadorial role to date on the back of her swimming and has been delighted to play a previous role in the development of the Hartlepool Schools Sports Partnership. Hartlepool recognises outstanding success and she had been fortunate to win the Celebration of Success award for three years in a row.

Competitive Record   

2014 World record holder (Europeans) British Record holder for the 200 Fly 

2014 Commonwealth finalist (Glasgow)

2014, 2010, 2006 Represented Wales in the Commonwealth Games

2012 Olympic finalist (6th - London)

2008 Olympic finalist (6th & 4th in Relay - Beijing)

World S/C medallist in Dubai, Manchester & Istanbul. 

Jemma helped in making an impact to young people’s lives and raising aspirations whilst working on the Sporting Champions programme, and is now looking to inspire your audience by sharing his/ her secret of what it takes to be the best you can be!

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