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Paul Broadbent

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Following retirement Paul was approached to get back in the game as an assistant coach in Super League. When Paul took over along with John Kear there were six games left and they needed to win 4 from 6 to stay in the league. Everyone had written them off but proving everyone wrong they managed to stay up. Paul worked as the assistant coach for 5 years and part of that role involved individual video work, team video reviews and also opposition video previews along with writing up, pre-planning and delivering field sessions. 

Paul finds his achievements very humbling and feels very lucky to have been and seen and done the things he has. He believes that with commitment and hard work anything is possible he managed to have an enjoyable career over a 17 year period and was well down the pecking order when it came to preference there were 8 players that got signed on from his junior team before he got looked at but he stuck to his task kept working hard and believed in himself to eventually come good and he ended up playing longer and achieving more than all the others.


Great enthusiasm and commitment to the sessions showed a positive intrest in all participants. Fantastic ambassador for the game. John Thompson, Greater Sport, Sportivate 


After being a very average pupil at school being challenged by the academic side of things, Paul found sport was a subject that he enjoyed doing. He only really found his passion when he was introduced to rugby at 11 years old even though he wasn’t the naturally gifted player like some of his teammates. He had to train really hard to improve his game to compete with these more gifted players. In 1996 Super League started with all players becoming full time, he then got the opportunity to be a full time player for the first time. Sheffield Eagles played Super League from 1996 and they managed to get to the Challenge Cup final (and win against all the odds) in 1998. Paul had been fortunate enough to captain the team in the previous 3 years and also lifted the cup in the final. This success was a lifetime dream to play professional rugby league and take part in a major cup final for someone that had limited skill and ability, it was his work ethic, desire and commitment to making the best of himself that helped him achieve this.

Competitive Record

GB International 8 caps

England 5 caps

Challenge Cup winner

Former captain of Sheffield Eagles - 450 first grade games        

Paul helped in making an impact to young people’s lives and raising aspirations whilst working on the Sporting Champions programme, and is now looking to inspire your audience by sharing his secret of what it takes to be the best you can be!

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