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Sophie Bradley-Auckland

"Sophie came to the opening of the session which has had a huge effect on the young people coming to the session, and through her have continued to participate in sport. She has continued to stay in contact with me in between visits. When returning again, she attracted more young people to which some even came from out of town to meet her."

"Sophie created a massive impact on the young females who attended the Gainsborough Soccercise session. She was friendly, enthusiastic and easy to talk to. The participants were shy at first although once Sophie gave a very engaging speech about her experience in becoming an athlete, they soon came out of their shell and were asking her lots of questions. She also took part in the session which helped create a fun and enjoyable environment for all. This has shown a great experience as more young people are showing interest in joining the soccercise session."
Lori Candela,Lincolnshire Sport, Sportivate
Last Modified: Friday 04 November 2016 09:33