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Sam Brearey

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Inspiring Others and Changing Lives

Sam wants to give back into sport, and help deliver the opportunities he was fortunate to have when he was younger. Having seen sport have a direct, positive influence on his own and others behavior, social skills, confidence and life skills, Sam wants to make sure as many young people as possible have the same help and support. 

Sam currently represents several charities which help to change the lives of young people facing disadvantage in the UK and increase the equality of sport and local sporting provisions. Sam is passionate about empowering and supporting young people.

Outside of the charities he supports, Sam is a mentor to younger athletes on the TASS program as well as privately. This is where Sam can directly help younger athletes on the start of their journeys. 

Sam was so passionate about supporting those facing disadvantages and helping others, that he has set up and now manages an athlete management company (Metis Athlete Management) which aims to support and represent those athletes who are underrepresented, and not getting the support they deserve.

Sam helped in making an impact to young people’s lives and raising aspirations whilst working on the Sporting Champions programme, and is now looking to inspire your audience by sharing his secret of what it takes to be the best you can.


Sam has always been sporty, representing his school across multiple disciplines including rugby and hockey. He played county rugby for 3 years before deciding to take his sailing more seriously. 

Sam was never at the top of his junior classes and it wasn’t until moving up into the youth classes that he started to excel, as his results improved his confidence grew, and his dream of Olympic Gold was ignited. Sam has won numerous titles across various different classes. In 2007 he won his first major title, the 420 Junior European Championships, and became the first, and to date the only British team to do so, and as a result he was asked to go Olympic sailing and quickly jumped up the performance ladder. 

Sam then postponed his Olympic dreams to focus on his education, finishing off his degree at university and moving to the fireball class where he has won several European and World Championships.

Through his career Sam has overcome numerous barriers and challenges. He has suffered 2 serious injuries, one of which ultimately ended his Olympic ambitions, he had to choose between going for Olympic selection and education, he has suffered failures and disappointments, massive life changes and much more. These experiences have shaped and transformed Sam who now has a wide range of skills and knowledge on key areas such as team work, leadership, facing adversity, training, self-motivation and much more.

Sam has a lot of experience speaking and presenting to a diverse range of groups, including schools, community programs and corporate businesses including the ministry of justice. Sam speaks for a change management company called DNA Definitive headed by the former BBC business Doctor Dr Paul Thomas and world renowned mental skills coach Andy McCann.

Competitive Record 

2015 – Silver – Fireball World Championships

2014 – Gold – Fireball World Championships

2013 – Silver – Fireball World Championships

2012 Gold - Fireball Junior European Championships; Silver - Fireball European Championships

2011 World Championships 2nd, joint points with 1st 

2010 GOLD - Fireball European Championships GOLD - Fireball Inland National Championships 4th Fireball National Championships 11th Fireball World Championships British America Cup Selection

2009 470 Olympic Development Squad 6th Fireball European Championships 

2008 470 Olympic Development Squad 7th GP14 World Championships Plate Winner – Wilson Team Racing Trophy

2007 National Keelboat Squad GOLD - 420 European Championships (1st and only ever British team to win this title) 420 National Youth Squad

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